The Crepe Chef Capably Satisfies All Crepe Expectations

By Larry B.  Published Sep 28th, 2016

One of the most versatile and veritably delectable dishes out there is by far the crepe, capable of being served for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or dessert. One of the most celebrated creators of crepes in Florida is the team at The Crepe Chef in Port Charlotte. The Chefs and owners Jon and Kimberly have repeatedly been described as a warm and endearing pair of culinary artists. They also make a point of being regularly integrated in their community. Some of their community projects include such things as the Port Charlotte Relay for Life which is an overnight community fundraising walk to raise money for cancer patients. They also take part in a dog adoption event. They also take pride in their work as restaurateurs.

As they explain on their website, the crepe wrap is made fresh before your very eyes, making it the freshest bread product on the market. After this intriguing and beguiling demonstration comes the addition of the wondrous variety of fillings which makes you realize just how versatile a crepe can be. Being a sort of pancake tortilla, the crepe is the perfect edible pocket for any number of things. Their four separate menus are a testament to this, including Breakfast, Entrees, Specialties, and Desserts.

For breakfast down at the Crepe Chef you have almost a dozen choices such as the Regular Breakfast Crepe with eggs and mozzarella, the Eggs Ranchero Crepe with eggs cheese salad mix and ranch dressing, or the Artibella Crepe featuring eggs baby portabellas and marinated artichoke. Their Entrees menu is full of intriguing options such as the Quesadilla Crepe with cheese and Creme Fraiche (French Sour Cream) or the Avocado Deluxe Crepe with guacamole, green peppers, salad mix, mushrooms, cheese, and sweet tomato salsa. The one I'm most interested in is the Bacon Seared Sirloin Avocado Florentine Crepe.

One of the most popular items on the menu is the seemingly simple Cinnamon Sugar Crepe which is known for its overwhelming effect on all of your senses, transporting you back to childhood meals of buttery cinnamon toast. Whether your preference is the butter cinnamon or something more carnivorous like the meat lovers supreme loaded down with chicken bacon steak and ham, or something healthier like the chicken Caesar or the tuna fish sandwich, chances are you'll be as fascinated as every other customer watching the talented chef Jon or Kimberly make your crepes one at a time with the traditional tools and talented maneuvers that result in the delicate perfection of a crepe.

For special occasions, their catering options are unique and unbeatable. Offering between one and a half and four hours of unlimited crepes, they charge between four hundred and seven hundred for this service, guaranteeing for the four hour session a minimum of two hundred and fifty crepes. If it's only for dessert crepes they have a discount, and best of all they are willing to travel to anywhere in Florida for free.

Located between County Line Pawn and Personal Touch Express Car Wash, The Crepe Chef can be hard to spot making it all the more endearing personable and a hidden gem, but so very worth the extra effort. So do yourself a favor if you're ever in the Port Charlotte area and stop in for a little bit of unbeatable deliciousness from Jon and Kim down at the Crepe Chef.