Port Charlotte Food and Drink Scene

Seated along Peace River, near the eastern coast, Port Charlotte is one of Florida's finest tropical destinations, according to Forbes. With it's beautiful beaches and consistently warm temperatures, it's no wonder it has become a go-to for couples in search of a place to retire. The city offers plenty of shopping along major streets, like Cochran Blvd, where department stores stretch alongside the spacious 3-lane highway. Perhaps the most exciting thing the coastal lifestyle has to offer is its vast selection of food.

If tourists are not traveling there for the white sands of the Florida coastline, they are likely in search of the next best thing. Visani Restaurant and Comedy Theater has hosted some of the finest comedians in the country. Don't be put off by its unusual exterior. This restaurant and bar helps kickoff the city's nightlife. Customers enjoy homemade Italian meals in a lavish designer lounge. The bar provides the final touch, with its dazzling blue lights that set the perfect environment for its impressive cocktail selection.

Of course, being so close to the harbor, you would expect to find a particularly colorful variety of seafood. Port Charlotte boasts its fair share of shrimp and scallops, but this city offers much more. With a moderately diverse population usually comes an even broader mix of restaurant styles. From Asian diners near the coast to Mexican and Cuban Cuisine along FL-41, visitors will enjoy the food almost as much as the gorgeous climate.

Port Charlotte Fish House is located in a store front about the size of your average burger king, but the cooks there serve some of the best fried seafood you will find in the area. Although many of the restaurants in town are closed by 10pm, the food scene offers enjoyable entertainment, and an evening visiting Tamiami Trail, which runs along FL-41, is still a great way to wind down after an afternoon at the beach. JD Bistro and Grille serves an assortment of wines and martinis, like the espresso martini vodka, and it's just one of the places located within minutes of the beach.